Oogst goudsmeden.

the jewellery designers

We are Ellen Philippen and Lotte Porrio, the Oogst (Harvest) goldsmiths. In our boutique, in the heart of the Amsterdam neighbourhood the Jordaan, we design & create stylish jewellery and one-of-a-kind custom pieces.

In 1994 we started our goldsmith career at the Vakschool Schoonhoven. We were classmates and always kept in touch until we one day decided to start a studio together. Before founding Oogst we both worked in different goldsmith studios in The Netherlands and Belgium to train our skills. Now we both have 25 years of experience in our craft.

Our first Oogst handmade jewellery collection launched in 2008. Back then we were only a small studio, and working hard on growing our business and developing our own distinct styles. The colourful boutique opened beginning of 2011, in the heart of Amsterdam. From there we grew into a team with help in the studio and in the shop. What remains the same is the two distinct design styles. The graphic pieces Lotte creates and the natural pieces Ellen makes, together they are Oogst!

The Oogst team is very happy to celebrate the studio was founded 12,5 years ago, this summer of 2020.

the Oogst team

Nathalie Bogers has been working with us at the goldsmith bench since November 2014. Her technical skills make her a valued team member. Kathinka Hupkes has joined us in January 2020, you can find her in the boutique enthusiastically helping you select a beautiful jewel.

modern classics since 2008

Our yearly harvest – Oogst – is a series created around a special source of inspiration. We love to take the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, a Collection of Curiosities or the authentic Japanese treasures from the SieboldHuis and transform them into a new Oogst collection. And as our inspirations never stops flowing, new additions will keep popping up in the boutique throughout the year. The graphic signature of Lotte’s work and the floral & elegant creations from Ellen; together we are Oogst.

elegant with a vintage feel

We combine natural shapes and graphic lines with different gemstones and refined hand-engravings. We also love to experiment with old techniques and modern practices; that’s how we create a playful interaction of shape, colour and material in our jewellery.
One of our favourite specialties is transforming cherished heirlooms into modern classics to fit your style and personality, and to create unique push presents (birth jewellery) to celebrate the latest addition to the family. Every Oogst detail is handmade with love.

a tribute to our fascinations

The inspiration for our Oogst collections is everything that grows and blossoms. But it does not end there; every surprising little detail we discover in our surroundings might end up in our jewellery. From the antique lace from Lotte’s great-aunts Passementerie shop and the acorn cupules from the Amsterdam Forest, to the latest collection by Dries van Noten and the Floral Cabinets at the Rijskmuseum. You can find it all in our Oogst pieces.

arts and craftmanship

In our beautiful spot at the Tweede Tuindwarsstraat in Amsterdam, we combine our studio with a boutique. We enjoy showcasing our work and craftsmanship at the exact place where our jewellery meets their new owners. Custom made jewellery is our speciality; we love to create a personal design and make your own Oogst piece in our studio by hand. We work with recycled gold and conflict free diamonds. You are also very welcome to bring your own gold or precious stones to the studio for us to work with.

Are you looking for a goldsmith in Amsterdam that creates extraordinary handmade jewellery? We are happy to have you over at the boutique to advice you about your new Oogst piece or to discuss your wishes for your own custom Oogst design.

Oogst in motion

custom design