made to measure

Cherish beautiful moments with a stylish piece of jewellery

Did you know we only create Oogst Originals, designed and crafted in our studio? Our custom pieces are inspired by nature, or a jewel in our collection with 1 wish added to the design. This way we will create an exclusive and unique jewel for you too.

So are you looking for a celebratory birth present, a piece created from a cherished heirloom, a jewel with your favorite gemstone or an extraordinary commemorative jewel that will be worn with joy and pride? Want to have a stylish gift created that will wow the receiver? And do you love our look and designs? You’ve come to the right address!

Curious about what we can create for you? Book an appointment to try on the jewellery in our collection and discuss your wishes. You can easily book it online.

How does it work? You have a look at the Oogst collection and discuss your wishes and the (technical) possibilities with one of the Oogst goldsmiths. If after our appointment we need to work out some ideas, we will send you sketches, from which you pick your favorite. Creating this one-of-a-kind piece will then take 4 to 6 weeks. After that you can wear and cherish this personal piece for the rest of your life.

* gemstones and pearls

Tell us your favourite gemstone or colour and we will make sure there will be a splendid selection of top quality pieces for you to choose from. Precious stones and pearls that work with your taste and budget. With your topchoice we will create a custom designed unique jewellery piece for you in gold or silver, right here in our goldsmith studio in Amsterdam.

* heirloom

From a precious heirloom to a modern eyecather. At Oogst we will transform your old jewellery. We will re-use the gold, gemstones and diamonds, or we will respectfully rework the elements of your own pieces. This way we will create a new piece of jewellery that works with your style and personality.

* commemorative jewel

A custom piece of jewellery to commemorate a loved one to carry with you forever. We will lovingly transform your cherished memories into a unique design. Together we will explore your wishes to capture your personal bond into the piece through symbols, an engraving or the color of a gemstone. We can also incorporate some ashes in the commemorative jewel.

* push present

Surprising a new mom with a push present is a tradition we love at Oogst. Give her an original piece of jewellery created in silver or gold. Personalize it with a hand engraving of your baby’s name. A hand made necklace, bracelet or ring in our signature Oogst style to cherish every day, just like your newborn.

* gift

Something to celebrate and looking for a special present? The Oogst goldsmiths will create a one-of-a-kind, hand made piece in gold or silver with attention to details, perfectly befitting the wearer and the festive occasion. To celebrate this milestone.